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About Us
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About Us

The strengthened connectivity phase starts from digitizing business processes towards integrating business processes with stakeholders until the end of the enhanced inter connectivity and interchangeability phase towards the JICT business, entering the era of the worldwide supply chain platform interconnection.

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About JICT Smart Ports

 JICT Smart Port plays a role in developing a road map in the transformation process for the company's internal and external business interests towards excellent service. This technological transformation includes the development of internal systems in Operations, Engineering, Finance, Commercial & HR. This system development support is to support JICT main business, which provides quality service to more than 20 shipping lines with direct routes to more than 25 countries and is committed to providing fast, efficient, and reliable services 24 hours a day, all year round. This system support is also to support performance in discharge, loading, receiving, delivery, and gate service activities that are more productive and efficient.


The shipping industry will have access to large data sets to improve their logistics and become port smart. Artificial intelligence helps with security checks and other automated processes. Technology can control port access for security reasons.


They are responsible for real-time performance, and response to any incidents is time-critical to ensure the systems’ high reliability and availability


The concept is to use smart technology to increase a port's efficiency, improve performance and economic competitiveness. Implementing automated processes will not only benefit the port but the wider supply chain.

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